1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk.IXc late version

Hi folks,

still busy with finishing the ongoing projects but also thinking about what I’m going to do next. I have never build a serious plane and was thinking why not try one to build.
I don’t have plans to build more then one so I decided to go all the way with this kit.
Also in GB they celebrate 100 years RAF so I bought one of the iconic planes that the RAF used in WOII to fight against the German aggressor.


The kit is from Eduard. I never build a kit from this manufacture only aftermarket parts for other kits.

Inside the box are three sprues and one clear sprue. Also a PE sheet and a decal sheet for the stencils and a bigger one for 6 different schemes. I have to decided which one I will build.

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54mm Cortoon Minitarus Caricature Winston

Last Saturday I visit the scale model show in Lingen (Germany). I bought there some kits and also two figures. One of the figures I bought is a caricature of Winston Churchill and his bulldog.

I always I started cleaning the parts and put them together. After I had cleaned the parts with 75% alcohol I started with a primer coat., This time I used Chaos Black from Citadel. When this coat had dried I did I drybrush with Pallid Wych Flesh (Citadel).

It looks a bit crazy but when the paint is on the figure you can’t see anything of this anymore 😉

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1/35 Dragon Sd.kfz 7 8t halftrack

Years ago I have build the same half track from Tamiya. This kits build fast and are a bit simple, but with some paint and extra you can make a descend model.
When Trumpeter came out with there sdkfz 7’s I tried to build them but there were a lot of fitting issues and the kit is still in an unfinished state. When I was cleaning out my stash I found this kit from Dragon and thought to give it a try.

The box:

More about this kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/134074-dragon-6545-sd-kfz-7-8t-half-track-early-production

I started yesterday evening with the build of this kit at a club meeting. Did not make many pictures as the kits builds nice and fast so I forgot to make pictures.
The kit start with the chassis, a very complex chassis.

With the winch and gas tank :

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75 mm Michael Kontraros collectibles The Defiler (1)


Yesterday I started a new project. After finishing the Scammell Wrecker I wanted just to paint a figure. I do have some resin fantasy figures in my stash and I chose to paint  a 75mm figure from Michael Kontraros. It’s called the Defiler. Don’t know what it means, I bought it just because it did like to paint it.
Link to the site:  https://www.mkontraros.com/the-defiler
I saw that this figure is not available anymore.

A metal container protects the figures for damage. Inside there are several resin parts.

The resin parts do have nice details, but also some flash and seam lines and that took some time to clean. Before the primer I cleaned the parts with alcohol. The primer I used is from Citadel, Chaos Black.

The first color I painted on the model is a green color from Citadel.

I painted the face separately with some flesh colors. It’s much smaller then shown on the picture.

1/35 IBG Scammell Wrecker (4)

Hi all, this will be the last update for this project. I have finished the weathering phase and I think it’s finished. It’s not the best project I have build. One of the reasons is that I had problems to glue the parts together and that was the reason I had put this project on the shelf of doom. But when the Turkey Shoot started I put it back on the table and working along with more does give more motivation and finally I have manged to close this project. The only thing to do is give the model a final coat of matt varnish.

The final pictures:

1/35 IBG Scamell Wrecker (3)

The final day of the Turkey Shoot weekend on Fory Models. It’s time to start the weathering. I use most of the time clay washes, pigments and inkt.

Most of the times I start with inkt. When that’s dry then I make a pallet from clay washes I want to use for a project, as I do have different colors.

Al thought the Turkey Shoot is finished, I did not manage to finish this project.