1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack update 7

Welcome to another update of this project. I was thinking what I should do with this kit and finally decided to do some experiments. The first is trying to do a white wash without chemical product, but just with acryl and a clay wash. The products I used:

I started with the washable white camo from Ammo of Mig. It’s very thin and you put spots, lines, bigger parts on the model wich can be manipulated with tap water. It’s really washing your model with white chalk. The next step was to bring this alive with the clay wash, Light. I was not unhappy with the result.

I sealed it with semigloss varnish for the next step.

The next step is also an experiment. For this is used washes from Citadel.

I played with the color, used them for shadowing and enriching the colors.


It looks a bit funny but I do like it. Next step is more weathering with darker clay washes. Hope you like this.

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1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack update 5

The M2 has a base color and some color modulation although is not good the see on the pictures. First I had given the model a primer coat with grey primer from Vallejo. That coat had dried for about a half day.

Then I started with the darkest color of a set of Olive Drab color from the Ammo of Mig range. I used this color for doing the shadowing, not on the whole model. After that is used the base color and lighted it up with some light base color. Finally I mixed in some of the highlight color to give some hue on the top parts.

I sealed the paint with Vallejo Satin Varnish. I will leave this drying over night before I can start with the decals.

In the meantime I gave the stowage a primer with Chaos Black from the Citadel range.

The stowage will be painted with different colors from the Vallejo Model Color range.


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