1/10 Nuts Planet Indian Home Guard (1)

Last weekend I was at SMC in Veldhoven. It’s a large modelshow with a lot to see and to buy. On of the thing I pick up was a bust from Nuts Planet. It’s not my first bust of this manufacture and the other I have do have a great fit and are very detailed with not much to clean. As  the kits are not cheap you expect also a good quality but  when I opened this kit I was a bit disappointing as the parts had a lot of flesh and the fit was terrible, I had to use a lot of filler to fit the arms to the body. I had almost the idea that I had bought a bootleg in an original case. But there is always a way to go and I cleaned the parts and put the body and arms together. Normally I would have paint them separate but with the filling is was not possible.

First step was painting the face and eyes. I used colors from Citadel and Jo Sonja and followed the picture on the box.

Today I started with base coating the other parts. As it was a bit difficult to find good paint reference for the shirt I mixed some colors together that I thought would make up the right color.

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1/35 Hobbyboss M4 High Speed Tractor 90mm

I had build this kit a long time ago but was not happy with the result so finally I through it in the garbage bin. A year ago I saw the kit for just 10 euros on a stand at a meeting and though why not.

The build started almost directly but finishing is not the best part of myself. But things can change and I have the drive to finish some older project so this one is also finished.

I painted with Vallejo color, weathering with Flory Model clay washes and oil colors from Abteilung 502.

This one is finished, but still a lot to go 😉

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1/35 Hasagawa Hitachi Zaxis 135


I have been a bit offline for several reasons. In the meantime I build two Hasagawa kits. Hasagawa has a serie kits excavators. The first one I build was the Zaxis 135TP. This Double Arm Working Machine Astaco Neo has two arms, a grabber/digger and a snipper arm. I made both arms but finaly decided only to use the grabber/digger arm as the other arm only fell down every time and I didn’t like it.

The second kit is the Excavator Z Axis 135 US. It’s the same base, only this one is provided with a excavator bucket and dozer blade.

Thanks for watching.

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