1/10 LM French Zouave Regiment in 1914

I have just received this bust and will paint this for a group build on Flory Models.

It’s a resin kit with some very small parts. Also there are some nasty seam lines and some difficult casting blocks that have to be removed before I can glue the parts together. But overall the quality of the parts do look good. Nice details.

Update 1

I have cleaned the parts, removed the casting blocks and did some other cleaning. Before the primer coat, I cleaned the parts with some alcohol. After that’s was dry it put on a coat of black primer (Vallejo Black Primer). After the coat of primer had dried I did the dry brush with white.

Update 2

Today I have started with the skin. I made my own mix with Jo Sonja paints. The mix is thinned with Glaze Medium from Vallejo and with water. I have first painted the eyes. It’s a bit difficult to show them on the picture.

Update 3

Some progress.

Next step is blending the colors together.

Update 4

Head finished,

Update 5

Started with the vest and wast jacket. Used a combination of Katon Blue and Naggaroth Night from Citadel. The red color is also form the Citadel range, Mephiston Red. I use water and some Glaze medium from Valljo to thin the paint till it’s almost colored water. Then I build up the layers of colors.

Update 6

More done on the uniform. The vest and jacket are highlighted with Jo Sonja French Blue and shadowed with Prussian Blue Hue. I mix the colors and diluted it till it’s almost colored water and the build up the color with layers and wet blending. On the next pictures the stages of this process:


The final stage:

Update 7

Almost finished, done the package on the back and also the rifle.

Final reveal

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