1/35 Dragon Sd.kfz 7 8t halftrack

Years ago I have build the same half track from Tamiya. This kits build fast and are a bit simple, but with some paint and extra you can make a descend model.
When Trumpeter came out with there sdkfz 7’s I tried to build them but there were a lot of fitting issues and the kit is still in an unfinished state. When I was cleaning out my stash I found this kit from Dragon and thought to give it a try.

The box:

More about this kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/134074-dragon-6545-sd-kfz-7-8t-half-track-early-production

I started yesterday evening with the build of this kit at a club meeting. Did not make many pictures as the kits builds nice and fast so I forgot to make pictures.
The kit start with the chassis, a very complex chassis.

With the winch and gas tank :

Next is the engine. I’m not sure if I will build the whole engine as I don’t have plans to open the hood. But a part has to be build because otherwise there a big hole under the hood that can be seen from the front.

I will leave the engine like this and will start with the seats and upper parts.

Update 1

This afternoon I had time to work on this project. I started with the interior and outsides of the upper part. It was a bit difficult to find out where the chairs had to be fitted. So I started with the base for the stowage and from there I build up the interior.

Next I build separation part between engine and interior. The first pictures shows the side of the engine bay, the second pictures the dashboard side.

Now are all parts ready for assembling. First the side of the hull, then the back, the other side and the front. The side fit well, but the joint with the front and back do need some filling.

After dinner I put the wheels together and tested all to see if the chassis is straight.

Update 2

I had to let the putty dry for some time so I took the moment to spray some primer on the upper part of the chassis. I do want to paint the final color when all parts are joined but I can’t reach the upper part of the chassis anymore when all parts are joined. After the primer had dried I test fitted the front parts.

The engine in full detail.

And a test fit with the upper part.

Update 3

I have done a bit more on this project. Finished the build, the engine is ready and won’t be painted because I will hide it. Also I have put the figures together. No head as I will use hornet heads. Finally done the primer coat with Vallejo Black primer.

Update 4

I finished painting. I used a set from Ammo of Mig, 5lso started with some weathering, I want to make a beat up vehicle that’s shows usage.0 shades of grey of something ….
Today I started painting the seats, wheels and tracks and also started with some weathering, I want to make a beat up vehicle that’s shows usage.


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