54mm Cortoon Minitarus Caricature Winston

Last Saturday I visit the scale model show in Lingen (Germany). I bought there some kits and also two figures. One of the figures I bought is a caricature of Winston Churchill and his bulldog.

I always I started cleaning the parts and put them together. After I had cleaned the parts with 75% alcohol I started with a primer coat., This time I used Chaos Black from Citadel. When this coat had dried I did I drybrush with Pallid Wych Flesh (Citadel).

It looks a bit crazy but when the paint is on the figure you can’t see anything of this anymore 😉

First update

Started painting the flesh tone. Used Warm White, Naples Yellow and Brown Marder to mix up the color I wanted. Made the mix very thin an build up the skin tone in thin layers paint.

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