1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk.IXc late version

Hi folks,

still busy with finishing the ongoing projects but also thinking about what I’m going to do next. I have never build a serious plane and was thinking why not try one to build.
I don’t have plans to build more then one so I decided to go all the way with this kit.
Also in GB they celebrate 100 years RAF so I bought one of the iconic planes that the RAF used in WOII to fight against the German aggressor.


The kit is from Eduard. I never build a kit from this manufacture only aftermarket parts for other kits.

Inside the box are three sprues and one clear sprue. Also a PE sheet and a decal sheet for the stencils and a bigger one for 6 different schemes. I have to decided which one I will build.

As I have said I will build the kit with a lot of extra bits, I have bought some extra parts:

But first I have to make space on my bench. So let the bird waiting for what’s coming:

Update 1

Try to start with the cockpit set and had a problem with the floor part of the Eduard brassin set. It was already a bit broken and I made a mess of it. So instead of using the whole set I decide to use most of the pe, some resin and the rest will be my own parts, what means I will scratch build some parts but that is for a later update.

First I cleaned my temporary workbench, it’s a bit small for big projects and there will be a larger place in the future. But that need some work, so I’m already happy with what I have, only I have to clean it more often 😉

The first parts, some kit and some pe parts. I had already glued the instruments to the bare plastic and then found out that I had to paint it first, so I have to protect is before I start painting.

The the next step. As I decided to use some kit parts, the side included in the resin set are smaller that the kit parts. I finally put one the kit parts, sanded the end for fitting the parts for the radio department and what I show is before I started with putting more details on the kit parts:

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