1/35 Dragon “Bodo Spranz” StuG.III Auf.G early production

Hi all,

As written in the last post, I started building the StuG.III auf G. The kit starts with the wheels and suspension.

Dragon gives you a lot of work, many attachment point that need to be cleaned at all the wheels.

Next is the suspension, also very detailed.

On the last pictures I have dry fitted the wheels to see if it’s outlined correct.

Then the assembly guide calls out for the fenders. You have to put some tools and wires on the fenders. On the picture you don’t see the cables and pe parts, because I will attach them later as the knock off very easy.

The lower hull is almost completed, tracks and the fiddly parts will be attached at a later moment.

Next is the turret. It start with the command hatch. I think I will leave the hatch open because Dragon has supplied a part of the interior. The vision ports are made from clear plastic. I will leave them out of the hatch after painting.

Next is the main part of the upper hull.

The parts are still not glued because I want to be sure that I can reached all parts when I start painting the model.

The last parts are assembled and the build is finished. First I finished the radio and the parts for the gun. This are all the parts that will be fit on in


Next were the other parts of the upper hull. On the first picture the motor deck. Most will be covered by a stowage set I had left from another StuG build. The second pictures shows the front plate. The last picture shows all the parts for the upper hull and also the stowage on the motor deck.


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