1/35 Meng Panther Aufsf. D

Hi all,

had some problems with the StuG and thought I can destroy the kit or put it away for a better moment. So I bought a new kit for the GB Kursk. It’s the Panther Ausf. D from Meng.

Inside the kit you find a lot of yellow colored sprues, a bit PE and a metal barrel. The instructions are black and white colored, but the painting guide is in color.

First thing you have to do is deciding which model you want to build. As this kit is build for a GB with the theme Operation Citadel/the battle of Kursk I will build nr 1.The build starts with the wheels. You can choose between two kind of wheels. I don’t know what the difference is so after looking at the pictures I decided for road wheels A and B.

Step 2

In this step you have to to install the parts that give some strength to the lower hull and also the parts for keeping the swing arms in place.

Step 3/4

In these step there are some small parts that need to be attached to the lower hull. Step 4 wants you to assemble the swing arms. There a three different types of swing arms, A. B and C. On the last picture you can see the swing arms and the back plate attached to the lower hull.

Step 5 and 8

The wheels has to be attached to the lower hull in step 5. As the Panther has a multi layers wheels I thought it wanted to paint them separate, but how to attached the tracks? Finally I decided to make different lengths of tracks so i could put a part on the sprocket and idler wheel and two straight parts in between. On the picture yo can see a connection. I used tape to put them in place so they could dry over night.

Step 6

In step 6 I attached the tow hook. It’s an optional part but I liked it.

Step 7

More parts are attached on the back part. This time the exhaust pipes and storage box and also the jack.

I have done work on the Panther. First did some work on the upper hull. But I had decided to use the side skirts I followed with painting the wheels and tracks. Putting the tracks on was a bit of pain in the ass, as you have to glue the wheels otherwise all the tracks will move and fall apart. I do think that Meng decided to use poly caps for the wheels because they want you to use the separate sold movable tracks, otherwise, why should you make the wheels like this, because with the tracks supplied in the kit this is not working.

Also did some more work on the upper hull although it’s a bit to warm in my workroom. During the days the temperature is above the 35 degrees and the room is a bit colder, but everything sticks only not the glue on the plastic.

Build is almost finished, only the turret has to be done. The turret is a multi part object. There is a frame where you have to put on the side parts, back part, front and top and also the ring for the underside.


After I thought I was ready with the turret I saw that there was a mistake in the instructions. They call out for M10 but that part is wrong, you need the part from the C sprue with the extra hole,

Then I did all the PE parts and with that the build was finished.

Then I cleaned the plastic parts and tried to use AK Real Color box 4. First a coat of dark yellow. I used AK’s own thinner and used the ratio I would have used on Tamiya paint, about 60:40 thinner and paint. The paint dries fast and then I used the green color in the box for the camouflage. This paint I thinned a bit more. Finally I sprayed a very thinned coat of gloss varnish.


The paint has to dry for 24 hours and depending on the weather I can go further with this project. I have started weathering the Panther. First part of the weathering starts with pin washes , some scratches and chips and finally some color changes to make the colors more bright.


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