MM Russian WOII busts

The Panther ausf. A is almost finished so I will do something else. I have decided to start the two busts I have showed before. The present an unknown Russian soldier and a famous Russian pilot named Ivan Kozhedub.

I bought this 2 busts together with a third in a set from Mitches Militairy Models. 

After cleaning the resin parts, they where prepared for a primer coat. Then I cleaned them with Vallejo Thinners. The next step was the primer coat. I used Vallejo Black primer.


The busts had dried a night and morning before I started with the eyes. For the eyes I use Vallejo Model Color Sand, Blue, Grey Blue, Glossy Black and Glossy White.

Then I made a wet pallet ready for painting the face. For the pilot I use Vallejo Model Color Beige Red as a base color and for the soldier I used a mix of Beige Red and Brown Sand. After three very thinned layers the base coat is almost ready.


I forgot to make pictures from the rest of the painting process. So here the end result of the pilot figure.

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