1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack update 4

The build of this model is finished. Had to do some gap filling. The fit of the rear part was very tight and finally to tight so it caused a little gap. With a bit evergreen strip the small gap could be closed and it looked better. This is how it looks after the build is finished.

I have some stowage to put on the model to give it a bit more expression. The tarp on the top and some parts for the front and a big stowage box on the back. I will also use wheels with chains. All the stowage parts were from the old kit and I cleaned them as best I could.

Now I have to protect some parts for the paint. After that finished I can start with the painting of the model.

1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack update 3

Today I have been busy with the interior of the M2. In de back are seat, a radio en some small parts to place. Everything fits good, no problems. Then you have to join the cabine with the back part but I saw that I had to paint it first before I could finally glue the part together. On the second picture you see the tarp that I had saved from the first build of the M2.

I have decided to make a M2 in a winter setting with stowage somewhere in the last winter of WOII. But first I have to finish the last parts of the build.

1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack update 2

In this update I show what I have done. First I have painted the chassis, wheels and tracks.

I have let it dried for several days. In the meantime I build the cabine and bonnet/hood/ I could have opened some parts of the hood but decided not to do this. There is a nice engine but it would have needed some extra details if I wanted to show it.

The cabine and hood.

The next part wil be the rear chairs, radio’s and back of the M2A1.

1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack update 1

I went further with step 5,6 and 7. This steps are for building the chassis, tracks, wheels and all the order parts.

I had some problems with the tracks. They are in two parts, stiff and not very easy to work with. But after some thinking I build glued them first together, put in the two outer wheels and when that was dry, I fixed the construction on the chassis and that worked out te be the best way to fix these parts.

I had the experience with the first M2A1 I build, that the upper parts need to be tested before they can be fitted on the chassis,

I have to decided if I will first paint the chassis and the underside of the upper parts.

1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack

The BTR80 is still waiting for some weathering but I don’t have an idea what I wanted to archive with this project so I decided to start another build. I had already build a MA21 in the past but that project was not a succes because I wanted to fast, made mistakes and then lost interest and finally the kit finished in the garbage. I saves some parts like the stowage. I had then the opportunity the buy the kit again from a fellow modeler, had big plans with the kit but non of plans was good enough.

But a few weeks ago I found the kit back in my stash and today I started with the build of the kit. First the box and whats inside.

The instructions are not always clear, very busy and there are mistakes so you have to be very careful before attaching the parts. Also it’s important to dry fit the parts before glue them in place.

Step 1 tells you to prepare parts that will be used later.

Step 2

Step 3 and 4

With care and patience the kit fits good.

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 6

After a busy period and a short holiday I had some time for this project. The build was already almost finished. It time for some paint. I always start with a primer and I use most of the time Vallejo black primer. I spray it with a 0.3 needle, that gives me a more smother surface.

I had looked around for some colour schemes. I had a set of Ammo of Mig paint Ukrainian colors and decided to make a Ukrainian BTR. One the Ammo of Mig site you can find this pfd.
On page 5 of this pdf you can find the color scheme I used.

Because I don’t make a replica of a real BTR in Ukrainian service, I took some freedom in using decals I had and also with the text which I copied form the photo’s in the pdf file. After decals I started with some chipping. I want to make a vehicle that has been in action for a while.

The next step is a layer of varnish to protect all the painting and decals.

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 4

Update 4

I have decided not to show anything of the inside of the BTR although Trumpeter has provided a nice interior. But I don’t have the mojo to invest in a detailed interior because when I want to show an interior, I wanted to be correct and complete. Before I started I had already plans to focus on the outside of the BTR and I will stay by this plan.

The next step in the instructions is to put all the parts on the upper hull. In the meantime I also started with the backside and with the pe parts. Most of the upper hull is ready, I left of the parts that are very fragile like the mirrors. I have prepared the bases (pe) for all the lights.


1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 3

Update 3

The lower part with the suspension is finished so we start with the interior of this kit. Trumpeter has put a part of the interior in the kit.
The first part is the driver compartment and behind this are the seats for the passengers as this is a APC. There is place for 10 people. The fit of the parts is good and it’s easy to leave the part outside the model for making painting easier. But I have not decided if I will show something of the interior as I do no if I will make a little vignette of something else. I do have some modern Russian figures in my stash what gives me a choice to do a bit more with this kit. Ideas are welcome 😉