Next project 2 busts or AFV T34/12 1942


after a long period I will start something new. I had a new workroom in our new house but that one was not what I would want it to be so we decided to prepare the other room and now I’m more happy with the space. There is still more to do but my workbench is ready,

As I do like to participate in a GB because it motivates me more to finish a project I will start with participating in another GB.

But what to build, it’s has to subject that fits in Operation Citadel also known as the battle of Kursk.

I have two subjects left, the busts or the tank. But I’m not sure what I will do as I do have to finish the plane and have still some other projects on the go.

But after a new search into my stash I found another kit and I think I will start this one first.

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