1/35 Dragon “Bodo Spranz” StuG.III Auf.G early production

Hi all,

As written in the last post, I started building the StuG.III auf G. The kit starts with the wheels and suspension.

Dragon gives you a lot of work, many attachment point that need to be cleaned at all the wheels.

Next is the suspension, also very detailed.

On the last pictures I have dry fitted the wheels to see if it’s outlined correct.

Then the assembly guide calls out for the fenders. You have to put some tools and wires on the fenders. On the picture you don’t see the cables and pe parts, because I will attach them later as the knock off very easy.

The lower hull is almost completed, tracks and the fiddly parts will be attached at a later moment.

Next is the turret. It start with the command hatch. I think I will leave the hatch open because Dragon has supplied a part of the interior. The vision ports are made from clear plastic. I will leave them out of the hatch after painting.

Next is the main part of the upper hull.

The parts are still not glued because I want to be sure that I can reached all parts when I start painting the model.

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1/35 Dragon Sd.kfz 7 8t halftrack

Years ago I have build the same half track from Tamiya. This kits build fast and are a bit simple, but with some paint and extra you can make a descend model.
When Trumpeter came out with there sdkfz 7’s I tried to build them but there were a lot of fitting issues and the kit is still in an unfinished state. When I was cleaning out my stash I found this kit from Dragon and thought to give it a try.

The box:

More about this kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/134074-dragon-6545-sd-kfz-7-8t-half-track-early-production

I started yesterday evening with the build of this kit at a club meeting. Did not make many pictures as the kits builds nice and fast so I forgot to make pictures.
The kit start with the chassis, a very complex chassis.

With the winch and gas tank :

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1/35 IBG Scammell Wrecker (4)

Hi all, this will be the last update for this project. I have finished the weathering phase and I think it’s finished. It’s not the best project I have build. One of the reasons is that I had problems to glue the parts together and that was the reason I had put this project on the shelf of doom. But when the Turkey Shoot started I put it back on the table and working along with more does give more motivation and finally I have manged to close this project. The only thing to do is give the model a final coat of matt varnish.

The final pictures:

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1/35 IBG Scamell Wrecker (3)

The final day of the Turkey Shoot weekend on Fory Models. It’s time to start the weathering. I use most of the time clay washes, pigments and inkt.

Most of the times I start with inkt. When that’s dry then I make a pallet from clay washes I want to use for a project, as I do have different colors.

Al thought the Turkey Shoot is finished, I did not manage to finish this project.

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1/35 IBG Scammell Wrecker (2)

This the second day of the Turkey Shoot event on Flory Models.

After a night of sleep I sprayed on the chipping fluid. I do have two bottles from different compagnies and I will test if the do the samen or if there wil be a difference between both products.

The fluid has to dry before you can put on the final color. I chose to spray on a grey color.

After 20 minutes a started with chipping. I used a stiff brush and some warm water.

And … is there a difference between both products? I can’t see the difference. The paint was easy to remove, sometimes a bit to easy but the result is ok.

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1/35 IBG Scammell Wrecker (1)

A new update from the painting stage. I have decided to make a civil after war vehicle with some bath maintenance.

The first stap is to paint on Vallejo Frimer UK bronze. I did use a paintbrush to paint it on because it doesn’t need to be need.

When the paint is dry I will make some scratches and more with the colors I show below. After that is will spray on some chipping fluid.

Uses the colors above to doe some pre-chipping. Before I will spray on the chipping fluid when I have thought about the final color on the wrecker.

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1/35 IBG Scammell wrecker


at the moment there is a Turkey shoot on Flory models. I decided to pick up a kit that I had started a while ago. But I had problems with gluing the parts, because after a while the parts felt of and I good not find the right glue. After some search on Google I found out that the plastic is not the same as in most models kits. Finally got a bottle of Plastic Magic glue and that did the job. In between I also got the Scammell Pioneer from Thunder Models and there is some discussion about the faults in the IBG kit. For my not a problem.

First I will show some older pictures I made during the build process:

The kit is build out of the box. The only thing I did was using a fine saw to make the wood parts a bit more grainy.

Yesterday I started with preparing the parts for the primer coat.

The primer I use is from Vallejo and works fine for my.

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1/35 Hasagawa Hitachi Zaxis 135


I have been a bit offline for several reasons. In the meantime I build two Hasagawa kits. Hasagawa has a serie kits excavators. The first one I build was the Zaxis 135TP. This Double Arm Working Machine Astaco Neo has two arms, a grabber/digger and a snipper arm. I made both arms but finaly decided only to use the grabber/digger arm as the other arm only fell down every time and I didn’t like it.

The second kit is the Excavator Z Axis 135 US. It’s the same base, only this one is provided with a excavator bucket and dozer blade.

Thanks for watching.

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1/35 Dragon M2A1 halftrack update 7

Welcome to another update of this project. I was thinking what I should do with this kit and finally decided to do some experiments. The first is trying to do a white wash without chemical product, but just with acryl and a clay wash. The products I used:

I started with the washable white camo from Ammo of Mig. It’s very thin and you put spots, lines, bigger parts on the model wich can be manipulated with tap water. It’s really washing your model with white chalk. The next step was to bring this alive with the clay wash, Light. I was not unhappy with the result.

I sealed it with semigloss varnish for the next step.

The next step is also an experiment. For this is used washes from Citadel.

I played with the color, used them for shadowing and enriching the colors.


It looks a bit funny but I do like it. Next step is more weathering with darker clay washes. Hope you like this.

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