Two old projects finished

I have sorted out my stash and found several kits I have started time ago. Some kits were just started, others are ready for paint and there are a few I already had painted. I started to finish this project. The first I have finished was the M31 from Takom. I lost one of the light so I had to find a solution to solve this problem and with some sand bags I looks good for me. Please like & share:

1/35 Hobbyboss M4 High Speed Tractor 90mm

I had build this kit a long time ago but was not happy with the result so finally I through it in the garbage bin. A year ago I saw the kit for just 10 euros on a stand at a meeting and though why not. The build started almost directly but finishing is not the best part of myself. But things can change and I have the drive to finish some older project so this one is also finished. I painted with Vallejo color, weathering with Flory Model clay washes and oil colors from Abteilung 502. This one is finished, but still a lot to go 😉 Please like & share:

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 6

After a busy period and a short holiday I had some time for this project. The build was already almost finished. It time for some paint. I always start with a primer and I use most of the time Vallejo black primer. I spray it with a 0.3 needle, that gives me a more smother surface. I had looked around for some colour schemes. I had a set of Ammo of Mig paint Ukrainian colors and decided to make a Ukrainian BTR. One the Ammo of Mig site you can find this pfd. Ukranian_Conflict_Colors_ENG On page 5 of this pdf you can find the color scheme I used. Because I don’t make a replica of a real BTR in Ukrainian service, I took some freedom in using decals I had and also with the text which I copied form the photo’s in the pdf file. After decals I started with some chipping. I want to make a vehicle that has been in action for a while. The next step is a layer of varnish to protect all the painting and decals. Please like & share:

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 4

Update 4 I have decided not to show anything of the inside of the BTR although Trumpeter has provided a nice interior. But I don’t have the mojo to invest in a detailed interior because when I want to show an interior, I wanted to be correct and complete. Before I started I had already plans to focus on the outside of the BTR and I will stay by this plan. The next step in the instructions is to put all the parts on the upper hull. In the meantime I also started with the backside and with the pe parts. Most of the upper hull is ready, I left of the parts that are very fragile like the mirrors. I have prepared the bases (pe) for all the lights.       Please like & share:

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 3

Update 3 The lower part with the suspension is finished so we start with the interior of this kit. Trumpeter has put a part of the interior in the kit. The first part is the driver compartment and behind this are the seats for the passengers as this is a APC. There is place for 10 people. The fit of the parts is good and it’s easy to leave the part outside the model for making painting easier. But I have not decided if I will show something of the interior as I do no if I will make a little vignette of something else. I do have some modern Russian figures in my stash what gives me a choice to do a bit more with this kit. Ideas are welcome 😉 Please like & share:

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 2

Update 2 More parts for the suspension.You have to build a construction for the part where the wheels are attached. First you have to build the spring of the suspension. In between you need to put the part that holds the wheels. As it is a 8 wheels vehicle it’s important to test if all the wheels will touch the ground. That is why I also build the wheel hubs together and as you can see on the last picture all the wheels are touching the ground, mission completed 😉 Trumpeter provides plastic poly caps for the wheel hubs what makes it easier to test and to paint them separate. Please like & share:

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC Update 1

A first update. The build of this project starts on page 3 of the instructions. The lower hull parts has some nice details, but it’s not enough. The first parts are small part and what the function is of this parts, I don’t know. Most of it will be hidden behind the wheels. But it’s the start of this project so will will put them on the lower hull. There is also some pe, and with the little parts in mind, what will be seen of this pe parts? The first parts are attached and still there is more to do before a can go to the next page. Please like & share:

1/35 Trumpeter BTR80-A APC

Hi all, long time ago that I build something military. I thought and thought and decided to build something not that simple but also not that difficult. I do have several Trumpeter/Hobbyboss kits in my stash and most of the time this kits build nice and are of good quality so you don’t lose the mojo. I sat for my stash and was looking what could be a good project and after some time I decided that I would try to build the BTR800A APC. Let me introduce you the box: When you open the box you see the inside divided in two parts: Most of the sprues are in the big part and inside there is a lot of sprues bagged in several plastic bags. In the smaller part of the box are the big parts, the upper and lower hull and some extra’s. And the most important part are off course the instructions. It’s in way Trumpeter always does, plain paper with black and white drawing. Good enough to build this kit. And as I have plans to build this kit with a different schema I bought a set of decals from AK. I’m still busy with some projects. I will show also some of this projects later. Please like & share: