75mm Nuts Planet Grimnord, warlord of the mad thunder clan

Hi there,

this is the second fantasy figure from Nuts Planet. It’s Grimnord, the warlord of mad thunder clan.

As with the other one I published I also started a while ago with this figure and lost the progress pictures.
This picture of the boxart is taken from Nuts Planet.

Taken from Nuts Planet

And this is my interpretation of the figure:

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75mm Nutsplanet Traitor Basford, Chief of Ettin Fanatics

Hi there,

a new post with a different topic. I had bought some fantasy figures from Nuts Planet. I start building and painting them a while ago, but I had a crash with the computer and as I’m a bit lazy I forgot to back-up the files although I do have a NAS server and enough drive space.

That means that I only do have the pictures I took from the finished figures.

The first figure is named Traitor Basford, Chief of Ettin Fanatics. The picture of the box is taken form the site of Nuts Planet.

Picture from Nuts Planet

And this is what I made of it:

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